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If you are considering enhancing your outdoor space with a pergola, John O’Brien and his team at Chicagoland Pergolas and Pavilions should be up for strong consideration. Based on John’s promptness and professionalism, we decided to move forward with Chicagoland Pergolas and Pavilions.

John visited my home the following week to verify and finalize measurements, provide sample color stains, and answer all my questions regarding building our pergola on my patio. For a personalized consultation, he suggested a specific color (Behr Slate) outside of our already narrowed-down choices of color stains as it would compliment our patio and we actually went with his suggestion. We were pleased to find out that they were going to build and install our pergola the later that week.

I met the install team of Levi and John (another John). We went through all the build details such as the locations of the center of the footings, suggested pergola height, spacing, etc. They are highly-skilled carpenters and work very efficiently as they completed our pergola in a day. Lastly, these gentlemen were extremely respectful of my property as well as the property of my neighbors as they were very thorough with their cleanup. Many thanks to John and his build/install team (Levi and John) at Chicagoland Pergolas and Pavilions!

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